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Bella’s Salad Garden
Add grilled or crispy chicken $3.00.
Caesar’s Salad$6.99
Bella’s Baby Green Balsamico Salad$7.99
Bella’s Baby Green Balsamico Salad with Bruschetta & Grilled Chicken$11.99
Chef Salad$8.99Roast beef, turkey, swiss over lettuce & tomato.
Bruschetta Salad$8.90Bruschetta, tomato & fresh mozzarella over baby greens.
Chicken Salad$8.99HOmemade chicken salad over baby greens.
Tuna Salad$8.99Homemade tuna salad over baby greens w/ oil & vinegar.
Antipasto Salad For One$9.99Salami, ham, cappicola, pepperoni, provolone over iceberg lettuce.
Bella's Greek Salad$8.99Romaine lettuce, feta cheese, peppers, calamata olives, onions & tomato.
Baby Spinach Salad$7.99Baby spinach, fresh mushrooms, bacon & tomato with balsamic vinaigrette.
The Sicilian$8.99Proscuitto, fresh mozzarella, & roasted peppers.
The Roma$8.99Sopresatta, imported cappicola & provolone.
The Milano$8.99Imported hot cappicola, ham cappy & provolone.
The Genoa$8.99Boar’s head ham, genoa salami, & provolone.
The Bari$8.99Mortadella, breaded eggplant, fresh mozzarella, & hot peppers.
The New Yorker$9.99Proscuitto, sopressata, cappicola, sharp imported provolone.
The Brooklyn$9.99Fried eggplant, peppers, prosciuttini, imported cappicola & provolone.
The Staten$8.99Homemade roast beef & finlanda swiss.
The Jackson$9.99Ovengold turkey, roast beef, cole slaw & russian dressing.
The Italian Classico$10.99Ham cappy, pepperoni, salami, fresh mozzarella, olives, & balsamic vinagerette.
Hot Heros
Eggplant Parmigiano$7.99
Chicken Parmigiano$7.99
Meatball Parmigiano$7.99
Veal Cutlet Parmigiano$9.99
Sausage & Peppers$7.99
California Chicken$6.99Breaded chicken, lettuce, tomato, onion & mayonnaise.
Fried Eggplant Caprese$8.99With fresh mozzarella, roasted peppers & balsamic, vinaigrette.
Grilled Chicken Caprese$8.99With fresh mozzarella, roasted peppers, & balsamic vinegarette.
The Sinatra$9.99Breaded chicken, broccoli, rabe, fresh mozzarella & roasted peppers.
Deli Wraps
Whole wheat, spinach & herb, sun-dried tomato & basil wraps available.
Grilled Chicken Caesar$7.99
Grilled Chicken Caprese$8.99Mozzarella, roasted peppers & pesto.
Wrangler Wrap$7.99Roast beef, horseradish cheddar cheese.
Italian Combo Wrap$9.99Ham, pepperoni, salami, provolone.
Light & Fit Turkey$7.99Oven gold turkey, lacey swiss cheese, onions, lettuce & tomato.
Tuna Wrap$7.99Homemade tuna, swiss cheese, onions, lettuce & tomatoes.
The Honey Baby Wrap$7.99Maple honey, turkey, baby swiss cheese, brischotta & baby greens.
Chicken Salad Wrap$7.99Homemade chicken salad. American cheese lettuce & tomato.
Grilled Panini
Breaded Eggplant Caprese$7.99With fresh mozzarella, roasted peppers & pesto.
The Deniro$7.99Grilled vegetables, fresh mozzarella & pesto.
The Dean Martin$8.99Grilled chicken, pepsto, roasted peppers, mozzarella & olives.
Bella's Classic Club Panini$8.99Ham, turken, american cheese, lettuce & tomato.
The Reuben$8.99Hot pastrami, swiss cheese, cole salw & russian dressing.
The 18th Ave$8.99Prosciutoo, fresh mozzarella, bruchetta & baby greens.
The Giovanni$8.99Turkey, provolone, sundried sweet peppers & baby greens.
The Carini$8.99Fried eggplant, broccoli rabe, fresh ricotta & baby greens.
The Calabrese$7.99Fresh mozzarella, bruschetta, roasted peppers, pesto & baby greens.
The Jersey Guy$8.99Grilled chicken, asiago cheese, bruischetta & baby greens.
Grilled Chicken Classico$8.99With fresh mozzarella & broccoli rabe.
Luger Style Roast Beef$8.99With cheddar cheese, onions.
Lunch Combo Specials
Combo Specials$7.00Step 1: choose one 7 inch hero or wrap: ham & cheese, turkey & cheese, salami & cheese, homemade tuna, meatball parmigiana, sausage & peppers, eggplant parmigiana. Step 2: choose one side: freshly pr
Combo Specials$7.00Step 2: choose one side: freshly prepared potato salad, cole slaw or macaroni salad.
Combo Specials$7.00Step 3: choose one drink: 12oz can of soda or 16.9 oz spring water.
Hero Super Specials
Meatball Parmigiano$6.99Monday.
Veal Cutlet Parmigiano$8.99Tuesday.
Sausage & Peppers$6.99Wednesday
Chicken Parmigiano$6.99Thursday.
Eggplant Parmigiano$6.99Friday.

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