Burger King Prices and Locations in Appleton, WI

Burger King - 919 W Wisconsin Ave
Appleton, Wisconsin (920) 739-7552
Burger King - 2511 W College Ave
Appleton, Wisconsin (920) 731-2733
Burger King - 2020 E Northland Ave
Appleton, Wisconsin (920) 749-9040
Burger King - W3151 Van Roy Rd
Appleton, Wisconsin (920) 738-5625
Burger King - W3154 Van Roy Rd
Appleton, Wisconsin (920) 738-5625

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Burger King is an American global chain of fast food restaurants opened in 1953. It has been mainly serving hamburgers, French fries, soft drinks, milkshakes and desserts since it was built. In 1957, it added Whopper sandwich. Nowadays, we can find many new flavors of ice creams, smoothies, frappes and chicken strips there. Otis Sunk Meyer Cinnamon Roll, for example, is made with warm dough, filled with delectable cinnamon, and topped with rich cream cheese frosting.

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